Department of Motor Vehicle Searches
Instant Access to Vehicle & Registration Information with VR VERIFY

Whether it’s for insurance, employment or financial reasons, verifying vehicle ownership is crucial to your industry. Part of Softech’s mission in serving our clients is to continue offering important tools to meet those needs. That is why we came up with a way to access vehicle registration information easily and instantly with VR VERIFY.

Softech provides Real-Time Access to registration information via VR VERIFY and has more than 15 available states with more to come in the future.

Use VR Verify for:
Rating policies    Hiring new personnel    Submitting Claims    Legal Investigations   

Searches may be requested by VIN or TAG numbers and provides the following information:
Name of Vehicle Owner   Address   City, State Zip   Tag Inception & Expiration Date 
May provide Lien-Holder Information   May include Insurance Information

States Turnaround State Fee
Arizona Instant $ 4.25
California Instant $ 2.00
Florida Instant $ 0.50
Idaho Instant $ 5.50
Kentucky Instant $ 0.44
Louisiana Instant $ 2.00
Maine Instant $ 5.00
Maryland Instant $ 12.00
Michigan Instant $ 8.00
Mississippi Instant $ 9.00
Montana Instant $ 2.25
New Jersey Instant $ 12.00
New Mexico Instant $ 4.95
New York Instant $ 7.00
North Carolina Instant $ 10.00
Ohio Instant $ 5.00
Tennessee Instant $ 2.00
Texas Instant $ 0.50
Virginia Instant $ 7.00

The chart represents only the State charges. It does not include service fees and/or charges incurred by our service.
Prices subject to change without notice. Please contact our office to inquire per record service fees.


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