With the security issues that have been faced over the past few years, the driving record reports industry has had the additional responsibility of regulating the intended use for each order placed. Softech will take every possible measure to comply with the guidelines of the Driverís Privacy Protection Act of 1994 (DPPA). To that end we offer you access to all the required forms to assist you to achieve compliance with the DPPA and to protect the consumers.

State Required
Arkansas Agreement
California Application
Colorado Affidavit of Intended Use
   Bulk Requestor Package (Pre-Employment Screeners)
   Re-Certification Package (Pre-Employment Screeners)
   Bulk User (Employers)
   Bulk User (Insurance)
Maryland Agreement
Michigan Subscriber Certification of Use
   New Hampshire
   New Hampshire (Employment)
   New Hampshire (Insurance)
Ohio Record Request
Pennsylvania Affidavit of Intended Use (Insurance) (Form DL-9106 (3-08))
Pennsylvania Affidavit of Intended Use (Employers and Transportation)
  (Form DL-9105 (11-07))

Washington Attachment E (Insurance/Employment)

Required Driver Consent
Alaska Release Form
Newfoundland and Labrador Release Form
New Hampshire Form DSMV 505 - Instructions
New Hampshire Release of Motor Vehicle Records Form DSMV 505
Northwest Territories Release Form
Pennsylvania Release Form Instructions
Pennsylvania Release Form (PennDOT Form DL-503 (7-15))
Puerto Rico Release Form & Instructions
Saskatchewan Release Form
Washington Attachment F (Employee/Prospective Employee Release)
PSP Consent Form
Affidavit of Intended Use
Compliance Addendum
Consumer Report Disposing
Consumer Reports - What Employers Need to Know
Consumer Reports - What Insurers Need to Know
Driver's Privacy Protection Act (DPPA)
Employee Rights Under FCRA
Employee Rights Under FCRA in California
Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

Massachusetts Compliance Acknowledgment
IT Compliance Disclosure form
PSP Acknowledgment Form

Other / Sample
ACH Billing Form
California End User Manual Request
Sample Adverse Action Letter
Sample Notice to be Sent Prior to Adverse Action Letter
Sample Release Form

Consumer Dispute Process

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